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Psychonauts is based on the exploits of Raz, a young boy gifted with psychic abilities who escapes the circus to try to sneak into a summer camp for those with similar powers in order to become a "Psychonaut". He finds that there is a sinister plot occurring at the camp that only he can stop from happening. The game is centered on the widely strange and imaginative minds of various characters that Raz enters as a Psychonaut-in-training in order to help them overcome their fears or memories of their past in order to gain their help and progress in the game. Raz gains use of several psychic abilities during the game that are used for both attacking foes and solving puzzles...."
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System Requirements*

Intel Processor- Pentium III

AMD Processor- Athlon XP 1500+
Nvidia Graphics Card- GeForce 2 MX 64MB

ATI Graphics Card- Mobility Radeon 9000 64MB
RAM (Memory)- 0.256 GB
Hard Disk Space- 3.75 GB
Direct X- 9
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