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Breach (2011/ENG/PC)

Breach (2011/ENG/PC) | 2.1 GB
Game Review: Breach Release: January 26, 2011
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Atomic Games

Breach belongs to the Action genre and is digitally available for the PC platform. The digital download version has been listed at since January 2011. Breach is currently available for purchase and legal download at Direct2Drive (Worldwide, English) and Steam (Worldwide, English). Currently, the lowest price you can buy the digital version of Breach for is $11.95. At this price you save 40 percent. This offer is still available for 4 day(s). Before you can start playing you need to download 1095.7 MB to your hard-drive. The digital version includes unknown copy protection.

Introducing the first military shooter with enough destruction to change the very nature of multiplayer combat.

Breach is a first-person multiplayer shooter in which you can crash ceilings on opponents, create murder holes, disintegrate cover, punch holes through floors, blow out walls, collapse entire buildings, and so much more.

While most first-person shooters don't include any kind of cover system, Breach mixes its unique Active Cover system, which lets you attach instantly to cover, pop in and out of cover, blind fire, and more, with an environment in which virtually anything that can be used for cover can also be destroyed.

Break free from environments that stay the same every time you play. Breach arms you with dozens of real military tactics that are not possible in any other game.

Breach Download Features

* Destroy Almost Anything. Welcome to the world's most destructible battlefield, filled with all sorts of nasty new tactics to use against your opponents.

* Active Cover. Attach to cover instantly with the push of a button and then use cover to gain advantages against opponents -- even while your cover is being destroyed.

* Unique Real-life Spy Equipment. Use real-life spy gadgets, like a Sonic Imager that lets you see what's on the other side of a wall and a Sniper Detector that finds campers lying in wait for you.

* Lots of Variety. Includes five levels, five game types, 23 unlockable weapons, 13 perks, plus dozens of attachments and gadgets.

* Hard Core Mode. For those who like to play the way real operatives train, Hard Core Mode, the Sole Survivor game type, and the highly destructible battlefield create one of the most realistic military experiences in gaming. Dedicated Server. Host your own dedicated servers if you'd like, complete with remote administration.

Created from the remnants of the cancelled Six Days in Fallujah, Atomic Games has released Breach a military first person shooter that can be found on the XBLA. With the recent wave of excellent first person shooters over the past couple years including the Halo, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Killzone, and all the Battlefield games Breach has a lot to compete against. As with many of these games they offer a single player campaign. Though once they are completed much of the time people spend on these games is on the multiplayer portion and is often times why people will buy these games. The developer of Breach almost acknowledges this by releasing a game that only offers the multiplayer function.

Since the influx of multiplayer gaming, games now must offer something to keep you coming back. Breach does this by offering a destruction system that changes the way levels are played. For example destroying a bridge connecting two areas will affect traversal of the map. There are many other things that can be destroyed that will change the way a map is played which will definitely affect the strategy being used. The other thing the game offers is a leveling system where you gain experience that can be put towards new weapons and gadgets. Both of which will help create a more powerful setup for you to destroy your enemy. Lastly, Atomic Games has introduced a cover system that can be used when crouched next to a wall. When in cover, the game will pull back to a 3rd person view to give you a better vantage point from which to shoot.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the game was how easy it was to jump in and start playing. The controls weren’t overly complicated. If you have played a first person shooter before you will pick up on these controls really quickly. The level design was pretty good as well. Often times in these types of games I really won’t play as a sniper because I don’t really think that he levels are that conducive to the way I want to play a sniper. The levels I played in breach offered some pretty good sight lines for me to bunker down and get some sniper kills. I usually don’t play that well as a sniper, but in Breach I did pretty well.

What really stood out to me was the environmental graphics. This is the part of the game where I think there is the least amount of polish. Now, I am always the first one to say graphics don’t make a game, so that being said it doesn’t detract from the experience. The other thing that seems a bit off was the controls and aiming down the sights. I don’t want to say they were bad, because they weren’t. They were just a bit “off” and it took me a little while to get used. Once I did I really didn’t have a problem with them. The only thing that I did have a problem with was the time in which it took to progress in the level system. This is the age of instant gratification and I want it now.

Breach being a military first person shooter will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Modern Warfare or Medal of Honor, and as I played the game I began to think that maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. For a price of 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) this is a pretty decent FPS multiplayer experience for anybody on a budget. That being said you won’t find the polish that you would find on full retail games such as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor and in turn may not get the quality or community involvement that you would in those retail games.

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